August 27th - August 30th

Hi Everyone,

First, thank you so much for coming to our Meet the Teacher event last night. It was such a great experience and joy to get to know all of you and your families.

Pictures will be emailed out by the end of next week!

This week, students played with the concept of place value by looking at numbers using standard and expanded form, pictures, and base ten blocks. Next week, they will research their animals in their habitats to find out the weight of all 5 animals! They will then play with this number and express it in standard and expanded form, pictures, and in word form.

In literacy, students worked on their field guide title page. They all took their time and ensured it was an accurate representation of their habitat - they all look beautiful! Next week, students will begin writing an informational text on the different animals found in their habitat. We are excited to begin the writing process!

We are still continuing to learn about our emotions and strategies next week, but will also begin taking a look at growth mindset and how this can help support us this year.

For theme, we are are still working on our All About Me Lapbooks and hope to present it by the end of this week.

Again, thank you for joining us last night and we look forward to working alongside your families this year.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Anderson


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